Prof. Jukka Kola elected as new Rector of the University of Helsinki

The Board of the University of Helsinki has appointed Vice-Rector Jukka Kola as the new rector. His five-year term as Rector will begin in August.

Prof. Jukka Kola, aged 53, has served as professor of agricultural policy since 1992, in addition to which he has held the part-time position of Vice-Rector since 2010. Kola was also the dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry from 2004 to 2009.

The Rector manages the operations of the University and is responsible for the efficient, economic and effective completion of the University’s duties.

The University Board found that thanks to his extensive leadership experience, Jukka Kola has a realistic vision for the development of the University. His particular strengths include a broad and integrative perspective, along with an attentive and interactive style of leadership.

“We can become one of the world’s 50 best universities by improving our basic functions, but we have to keep the economic situation in mind and adjust our goals accordingly,” states Kola.

“The most important challenge in the near future is to recruit international talent from all over the world. Finland’s best students already apply to the University of Helsinki, but to stay on top we need the best students and researchers from abroad as well.”

Jukka Kola is the 137th Rector in the history of the University of Helsinki. The previous Rector, Thomas Wilhelmsson, assumed the position of Chancellor of the University of Helsinki at the beginning of June.

The UNICA Network wishes Prof. Jukka Kola every success in his new position.