UNICA Working Groups


Working-groups on selected topics are one of the main instruments of the network for encouraging the cooperation of member Universities. 


UNICA has currently eight active Working Groups, listed below according to the UNICA clusters of activities, which organize annual/biennial workshops and meetings and play an essential role in the organization of UNICA activities. 


 For a quick overview on the aims and the activities of the UNICA Working Groups, download the UNICA Working Groups' leaflet




Clusters of activities

Working Group


Internationalisation & Mobility

International Relations Officers

Alīna Gržibovska, Head of International Relations, University of Latvia   

Chair of the IRO Group and IRO Observer to the UNICA Steering Committee

e-mail: alina.grzibovska@lu.lv 

University PR & Communication

Katerina Nikolaidou, Head of Communication, University of Cyprus

e-mail: katerina@ucy.ac.cy



Luciano Saso, UNICA President, Sapienza University of Rome

e-mail: luciano.saso@uniroma1.it 


Research & Development

Doctoral Education

Jacques Lanarès, Member of UNICA Steering Committee, University of Lausanne

e-mail: jacques.lanares@unil.ch 


EU Research Liaison Officers

Diana Pustuła, Head of Office for International Research and Liaison, University of Warsaw

e-mail: diana.pustula@adm.uw.edu.pl 

Policy & Strategy

Scholarly Communication 

Françoise Vandooren, Research Support & Open Access Coordinator, Department of libraries and scientific information, Université libre de Bruxelles

e-mail: francoise.vandooren@ulb.ac.be 

Mission & Link with Society


Alexandra Demoustiez, Head of the Environment and Mobility Service, Université libre de Bruxelles

e-mail: alexandra.demoustiez@ulb.ac.be 

Benoît Frund, Vice-Rector in charge of Sustainability and Campus management, University of Lausanne

e-mail: Benoit.Frund@unil.ch 

University, Culture and the City

João Mario Grilo, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

e-mail: jmgrilo@netcabo.pt