Monday, 30 September, 2013 to Friday, 1 July, 2016

The project is developed in the framework of the Lifelong Learning: Erasmus Multilateral Projects.

Relevant UNICA working group: EduLab

Coordinator: European Students' Union (ESU)

UNICA's role: Coordinator of WP4: Piloting the Peer Assessment and WP7: Exploitation


Aim and general description:

The project aims to assist in implementing student-centred learning (SCL) strategies and approaches at institutional level, and to foster a culture of SCL in higher education institutions across Europe.


The specific objectives to be achieved during the project's life-time are set as following:

  • To develop a peer assessment framework (PASCL guidelines) for “student-centeredness” of a higher education institution, which will lead to the award of a European recognition for Student-centred institution; The award is there to confirm that an institution has successfully incorporated the elements of student-centred learning in its teaching and learning strategy and delivery of its education. The project is based on the consortium's commonly agreed framework defining student centred learning and will focus on both enhancement and rewarding excellence in its provision.
  • To exploit the knowledge gathered in the project during the training for experts, three conferences and research study on SCL in Europe. For further dissemination, the project will deploy an online repository with case studies, practical advices for implementation of student centred learning, feedback from participating institutions and students.
  • To give higher education institutions insight into their performance regarding implementing student centred learning and provide with the means for further improvements.
  • To address the question of students’ motivation to take an active role in co-creating their learning experience.
  • To give deserved visibility to the teaching mission of the HE institutions, reward excellence in teaching, which is beneficial for students, institutions themselves and society
  • To facilitate peer learning through the presentation of existing practices, discussion and evaluation of the approaches in teaching and learning through the project website. 




Project status: 
Completed Projects
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