Breathing Labs internship programme in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia-based company Breathing Labs Ltd is looking for foreign students to do internship in the company's headquarters in Ljubljana (Slovenia). The company seeks interns with the following profiles:

  • research interns (healthcare/medical students),
  • business interns (business students).

1) Research Medical interns

Research/Medical interns will perform clinical research in Slovenia and publish their findings in conference proceedings or peer review medical literature.

How does it work? Breathing Labs provides ethics committee approval, patients recruitment, medical doctor, measuring equipment, computers and working environment. Additionally Breathing Labs covers all costs of conferences, publication fees for science articles and provides direct links to leading research organizations and review boards.

Published articles or conference proceedings are entered into the scholar library system so that researcher gains high scores for successful research or pedagogic habilitation. Researcher retains all moral rights of his work. There is no financial award for research work.Breathing Labs’ research and development group aims to attract students, postdoc researchers and freelance researchers into conducting cutting edge research in the field of respiration/breathing. We explore the breathing pattern in humans, its dependence on external stimuli and its influence on cognitive function, autonomic nervous system and overall health.

Who can apply?

Undergraduate students or masters/PhD students from field of medical or other natural sciences.
Applicants must speak English fluently. To apply send your CV and state what your research interests are.

2) Business interns

Business interns will identify and attract new Retail partners, such as pharmacies, specialist stores, etc.

What is retail partnership? Retail partners pay for products in advance and sell them over the counter, off the shelf, or in any other arrangement that might suit their customers. We provide volume discount for volumes 10 pieces and up, retail partners pay for shipping from headquarters in Slovenia to their location. Retail partners keep these pieces in their stock, sell them at their own price but not below 149USD or they can return unopened packages and we will refund them payment anytime. They have to pay for shipping cost when returning items.

Who can apply?

Undergraduate students or masters/PhD students from field of business/economics. Applicants must speak English fluently. To apply send your CV to

For any questions please contact

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