Fiesole Collection Development Retreat Series Berlin, Germany – 6-8 May, 2015

17th Fiesole Collection Development Retreat Series
Berlin, Germany – 6-8 May 2015

Sponsored By: The Charleston Company and Against the Grain
Hosted By: Casalini Libri and Humboldt University Library


The Fiesole Retreat is an annual conference organised since 1999, which offers a really unique opportunity to interact with librarians, publishers and researchers about the recent topics of scholarly communication.

The theme of the 2015 Conference is “Competing in the Digital Space: Evolving Roles for Libraries and Publishers.”

The digital revolution changes everything, and nowhere is this more true than in the library and publishing world. Science and scientists have embraced digital technologies but the humanities are still struggling to adapt. The 2015 Fiesole Retreat will examine new technologies and business models that allow us to address the concerns of all scholars, with a particular focus on the humanities. What is the book of the future? How do we make high quality scholarship openly available? How do we protect privacy? Where do we as publishers and librarians fit in and how do we maintain our value in the digital landscape? Join us in Berlin and look with us for answers.


The preconference will take place in the Grimm Center of the Library of the Humboldt University.
The main conference will be hosted by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science, which is located on the Gendarmenmarkt.

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