Nomination Holberg Prize

The Board of the Ludvig Holberg Memorial Fund invites your University to nominate the Holberg International Memorial Prize for outstanding work in the academic fields of the arts and humanities, social science, law and theology. The prize for 2008 is NOK 4,5 million (approx. 570.000/716.000 US Dollar), and was established by the Norwegian Government in 2003. Letters of nomination must be sent to us by 20 January 2009. Holberg Prize Laureates : 2008: Fredric R. Jameson 2007: Ronald Dworkin 2006: Shmuel N Eisenstadt 2005: Jürgen Habermas 2004: Julia Kristeva How to nominate ? Scholars holding a senior position at universities and other research institutions within the above mentioned academic fields are entitled to nominate candidates for the Holberg Prize. The Holberg Prize's Academic Committee will base its assessment on the letters of nomination which must state the reasons for the nomination (2 to 3 pages). Letters should also contain a brief CV for the candidate and suggest referees who know the scholar and his/her work. Nominations are strictly confidential. For more information : Please contact Ms Trine Kleven, Project Manager in Holberg Prize, if you have questions :