PARTNER SEARCH : Looking for partners from the EUROMED group to join the project "TransFORM – art as energy, energy as art"

We are an organization working on the Vistula river in Warsaw, Poland. We created a space by the river where artists and residents can explore the area together, work together, create or simply have fun. Modern art is the basis for those encounters..In the long term, the aim of transFORM is to create a permanent event linking the issue of revitalization of the river and the new challenges of XXI century — such as ecology, sustainable development, social change — with contemporary art.

We are now looking for artists and partners to work on a specific theme: art in connection with renewable energy and other environmental challenges.

Organizer: Association for Education and Progress STEP/2b Gallery

Art direction and programming: Klara Kopcińska, Józef Żuk Piwkowski, Dobrochna Badora-Zawadzka


Further information in attachment.