Summer School on Entrepreneurship in Climate Change

Summer School 2010
Join our first Summer School on Entrepreneurship in Climate Change
5 July to 13 August - Paris, London and Zurich

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is an exciting opportunity for students and young researchers to get in touch with Europe’s leading scientific and innovation community on climate change mitigation and adaptation. You will get hands-on experience of how the latest science is translated into new services products that have an impact on our climate and our economy. During the summer school, you will study all aspects influencing the market for climate change innovation, such as policy, legal and financial incentives and constraints. You will acquire the knowledge and skills that are essential for you to become a successful innovator in the field of climate change.

Teaming up to make a change
In multidisciplinary teams, you will develop your solutions to mitigate climate change and to adapt to a changing climate. You will investigate the possibilities of creating successful new ventures. Climate Change Innovation will end with a business plan competition. At the end of our summer school you will have developed your entrepreneurial skills as well as your understanding of the many scientific and technological aspects of climate change. Successful participants are the first to receive an EIT Climate-KIC labelled certificate.

Who can apply
Participants must have a good Bachelor’s degree at least, and be enrolled in a European. Master and PhD students are preferred. They should either be science, engineering or social science students in fields relevant to climate change, or be enrolled in business studies or economics. Employees of core corporate Climate-KIC partners can also participate. All applicants will need to be proficient in both written and spoken English (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent). All applicants must have an interest in entrepreneurship.

Climate-KIC will pay for participants’ accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the six weeks, and travel between the three venues. Participants will have to pay for their initial journey to Paris, their return journey from Zurich, personal expenditure (e.g. drinks and entertainment); and an registration fee of 100 EUR by 14 May 2010.

How to apply
Application deadline : 23 April 2010.
Use this application form or contact