4EU+ looking for Project Manager

07 April 2023 | From our Members - European Universities

4EU+ looking for Project Manager

Applications for this position are now closed.

4EU+ European University Alliance

is looking for a Project Manager (full-time)

About the Alliance

Established in 2018, 4EU+ is a European University Alliance with the objective of developing long-term structural and strategic cooperation among the 4EU+ member universities in education, research and innovation and engagement with society.

The 4EU+ Alliance is currently constituted by seven large, public, well-established, comprehensive and research-intensive universities, namely: Charles University (CU); Heidelberg University (UHD); Sorbonne University (SU); University of Copenhagen (UCPH); University of Geneva (UNIGE), University of Milan (UNIMI); and the University of Warsaw (UW).

In April 2021, the Alliance founded the 4EU+ European University Alliance Association, under German law with its seat located in Heidelberg.

About the Position

The 4EU+ European University Alliance Association is the coordinating organization of the “One Comprehensive Research European University” – 1CORE project and is seeking a full-time Project Manager to support the Project Coordinator in the coordination and successful delivery of this strategic project.

This role will suit pro-active and versatile professionals with prior experience in the European higher education sector, who are driven by multi-faceted activities and fast-paced international work environments.

Location (to be determined): the position of Project Manager may be based at the 4EU+ General Secretariat (GS) in Heidelberg (DE), at 4EU+ Alliance members’ local offices in Prague, Paris, Warsaw, Milan; or in Brussels (plans to create an 4EU+ branch office or the Association’s seat in Brussels – thus moving to or being based in Brussels is possible and should be considered by any candidate.)

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