UNICA provides a forum for its members to reflect on the latest developments and demands of strategic change in university research, education and administration.

To achieve its aims, UNICA carries out member-driven activities. Working Groups on selected topics are one of the main instruments for encouraging the cooperation of member Universities. UNICA has currently seven active Working Groups, which organize annual/biennial workshops and meetings and play an essential role in the organization of UNICA activities. 

Every year, all university members meet for UNICA’s General Assembly, in which important decisions concerning the network are taken.

UNICA also organizes Rectors Seminars, a series of events targeting universities’ top management.

As part of the academic community, students are also encouraged to get involved in UNICA’s mission through Student Activities. In particular, students are invited to contribute to the UNICA Students Conference, which takes place every two years.

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UNICA is also active in the field of European projects, and is responsible for sustaining and updating the IMOTION staffmobility.eu online platform, which centralises information about training activities for university administrative and technical staff organized in Europe, and the Summer and Winter School Programmes portal from the Universities of the Capitals of Europe.

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