UNICA & the City

One of the particularities of the UNICA network is the fact that all members are based in the capital cities of Europe. The UNICA & the City Working Group focuses precisely on the relation between the institutions and the urban ecosystem with which they interact. The group was created with the mindset that universities are leading players in societal impact, shaping processes in the employment panorama, sustainable development goals, innovation practices, and governance and public policy affairs, among others.  

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Hence, the working group seeks to be a facilitator in strengthening the links and cooperation between the universities and other organisms in the urban system. This translates into collaborative endeavors with other stakeholders, organisation of conferences and seminars focused on pressing urban challenges, promotion of good city-university practices, and engagement with urban development initiatives.

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Joe Carthy, University College Dublin – joe.carthy@ucd.ie

UNICA Contact persons

Laura Brossico – laura.brossico@unica-network.eu
Alexandra Duarte – alexandra.duarte@unica-network.eu