ECEM project – Learning through Engagement Lab

01 August 2023 | From partners

ECEM project – Learning through Engagement Lab

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) coordinates a new project: Enriching Communities through Engaged Mobilities (ECEM). Within the framework of it, the ECEM consortium is organising the “Learning through Engagement Lab“, which will take place in Berlin from 5 to 7 October 2023, and targets students/student representatives, Higher Education Staff, and workers of Civil Society Organisations.
The lab will bring together 30 participants from wider Europe who are active members of local civil society organizations, community leaders, representatives of higher education institutions, universities, and students. It will be an opportunity to explore the potential of stronger collaborations between community organizations, students, and universities to address local needs effectively and delve into transformative and innovative solutions to societal challenges through co-creation within the framework of Community-engagement learning programs for international students.

Applications are open until the 6th of August.

The project covers travel and accommodation costs up to 550€ for the travel costs and accommodation for participants from outside of Germany and up to 400€ for participants based in Germany. 

>>> Find out more information about the Lab!

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