6th UNICA Student Conference 2010: “Europe through Students’ Eyes”

The three public Universities of Rome, Sapienza, Tor Vergata and Roma Tre, hosted:

the 6th UNICA Student Conference “Europe through students’ eyes” from September 22nd to September 25th 2010.

ROME DECLARATIONthe document expressing the voice of UNICA Student Conference 2010 participants, has been sent to the Rectors, Presidents and IROs of UNICA Universities, the Ministers of Education, Members of European Parliament and EC representatives

What was new in this edition of the Conference was that the topics of the conference were chosen by an internet poll open to all students, administrative and teaching staff of the UNICA member universities.

Other important new aspects of the UNICA Student Conference 2010 were:

1. the preparation of a reader by the participants

2. nomination of expert chairs for each forum (representatives of Erasmus Student Network and the European Students’ Union)

3. preparation of proceedings (10 articles + texts of the speakers) reviewed by an higher education expert (Maria Kelo).

A large part of the conference was dedicated to ten parallel discussion forums, in which students could discuss the topics from different national and cultural perspectives, work together to reach common conclusions, and put together a set of recommendations among all participants. These recommendations were expressed in the “Rome Declaration”, which is the students’ message to all those working in and for the European Area of Higher Education, including institutional leaders, national level and European-level actors.

Other documents from the UNICA Student Conference 2010:

Abstract book 

Posters’ slideshow

Fora final presentations: 

Keynote presentation “Internationalisation at universities: challenges and problems” by Pavel Zgaga, University of Ljubljana

6th UNICA Student Conference 2010: “Europe through Students’ Eyes”

Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza