McGraw Hill, CIVIS & UNICA Virtual Symposium on “Innovative Medical Education in the Digital Era” | 8 February

Together with European University CIVIS and educational publisher McGraw Hill, UNICA is organising a full-day event on “Innovative Medical Education in the Digital Era”, next 8 February, from 11 am to 4.15 pm (CET) (10 am – 3.15 pm UTC). The event will bring together doctors, scientists, and educators to present a comprehensive and integrative vision for innovation in medical education and the future challenges it will face in an everchanging, hyper-connected world.

The event will have the presence of Luciano Saso for the welcome speech and of two members of the UNICA Steering Committee, Carmela Calès Bourdet and Sorin Costreie, during the panels.

Building on the findings from 2020

This will be the continuation of the symposium Innovative Medical Education in the Digital Era held in February 2020 at Sapienza University. It will take place exactly two years after the first one. The world has changed rapidly since those days in early 2020, and it is more clear than ever that medical education must adapt to new and different learning and teaching models and health care situations.

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Technology, such as simulation, augmented reality, virtual collaboration, medical mobile apps and artificial intelligence, is already widely used in medical education, as well as in medical practice. We see how continuous improvements and innovation lead to more flexible, personalized, and collaborative learning and ensure the best patient outcome. These technologies bring huge potential and opportunities and should be part of the medical curriculum along with communication skills, ethics, and humanities.

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Luciano Saso recently contributed to “Leadership Perspectives International”, a regular series by the Association of Academic Health Centers about relevant global issues and challenges impacting academic health center leaders worldwide. The publication analyses Post-COVID Opportunities and Challenges in Healthcare, focusing on Equity and Inclusion around the World and Across Cultures.

McGraw Hill, CIVIS & UNICA Virtual Symposium on “Innovative Medical Education in the Digital Era” | 8 February

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