UNICA Rectors Seminar at the University of Latvia

The UNICA Rectors Seminar “Role of Social Sciences and Humanities in Innovation” was kindly hosted by the University of Latvia, Riga, 30 September – 1 October 2019, in the framework of the of 100th anniversary celebrations of the University of Latvia.

The event consisted of two parts:

  • 30 September: University of Latvia – 100: International Symposium “University and Society; Renewed Focus on National Growth and Values”
  • 1 October: UNICA Rector’s Seminar “Role of Humanities and Social Sciences in Innovation”

The University of Latvia has been founded as one of the symbols of the independent Republic of Latvia that itself has been founded only few months earlier.

The International Symposium drew attention to several currently important matters in the development of the countries, including demographic situation, development of the European society, the role of education in modern society. 

The Rectors seminar looked at contemporary and alternative approaches of research in humanities and social sciences and their added values in the innovation processes.  

Programme and List of participants 




UNICA Rectors Seminar at the University of Latvia

University of Latvia