European Campus

The UNICA European Campus aims to create an area of free movement with a minimum of administrative hurdles, while reinforcing the attractiveness of UNICA universities for non-European students. This task force will be developed in the framework of the EC project Erasmus Mundus Action 4. The main objectives of this project are:

  • To foster and facilitate student mobility,
  • To make mobility experience richer and more successful,
  • To encourage more students from all over the world to study in the EHEA,
  • To strengthen cooperation among universities and student organizations in their common goals,
  • To develop a platform that gathers formal and non-formal information in a fast and automated way,
  • To engage universities to use an online information standard to obtain a more coherent presentation within and beyond the EHEA.

 This 2-year project will be implemented step-by-step, starting with a limited number of universities (formal and non-formal partners), in collaboration with Youth Agora, Erasmus Student Network, Brussels Education Services and Asociación Orión.

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European Campus

Project info

From 31 October 2008
to 31 January 2011

Project Coordinator