SAVES2: the end of an era, but the start of an age!

29 January 2021 | From UNICA

SAVES2: the end of an era, but the start of an age!

The Horizon 2020 SAVES 2 project has come to an end with a final dissemination webinar on 15 January 2021, but the good practices that encourage environmentally responsible behavior will carry on!

A special thank you to all the partners who worked very hard in the implementation of the project.

Check some of the achievements of this Horizon 2020 project below.


The SAVES 2 project encouraged students to minimize the carbon footprint in their accommodation through the Student Switch Off (SSO, aimed at university dormitories), and the Student Switch Off+ (SSO+, aimed at the private rented sector).

Achievements include:

  • Actual energy savings from dormitories, GWh: 5.08
  • Overall savings (including extrapolation), GWh: 8.18
  • % saving, compared to baseline: 6.78% (average)
  • CO2 saving (tonnes): 2,373

💡 Find the conclusions and recommendations presented at the final webinar here, or watch the recordings here

Since you’re here… be reminded of some tips to save energy!

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