TICKET project promotes interactive webinars on intercultural competences

01 September 2021 | From our Members

TICKET project promotes interactive webinars on intercultural competences

The Erasmus+ funded project TICKET is organizing a series of 12 interactive webinars aimed at the professional development of all university staff members in developing intercultural competences. Each of the webinars presents an interesting project and useful resource kit, linked to one of the four overarching themes of TICKET.

The TICKET project, whose consortium includes three UNICA universities, namely Universiteit van Amsterdam, Freie Universität Berlin, and The University of Edinburgh, aims to provide enhanced training to staff who support students in order to create a more international and inclusive university for the 21st century.

Signing up for these webinars is easy. The time and date of the webinar will be announced one month in advance on the TICKET LinkedIn community, including a simple registration link. The webinars are open to all (academic and professional services) staff members working for a university.

Coming up: first webinar – 15 September

The first webinar, “The DIGIPASS project: tips, tricks and resources to help study abroad students develop intercultural competence!”, takes place on 15 September 2021, between 4 pm and 5 pm (CEST). Participants will learn how the DIGIPASS project is meant to support staff members working in the area of student mobility and discover an array of helpful resources for supporting student in developing intercultural competences.

For this one you can register in this link.

Know any projects in intercultural competences?

If you are aware of other interesting projects, resources or materials linked to the development of intercultural competence, post a message on the LinkedIn community of the project. The TICKET project group will be happy to include these resources as part of the staff toolkit that will be presented later this year.

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