UNICA celebrates partnership with the European Parliament for the European Elections 2024

07 May 2024 | From UNICA

UNICA celebrates partnership with the European Parliament for the European Elections 2024

The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, welcomed several organizations, including UNICA, on the afternoon of May 6, recognizing their invaluable role as communication partners for the European Elections 2024.

The President acknowledged the collaborative efforts in fostering democratic engagement across Europe with a certificate of recognition that was awarded to every partner organisation.

UNICA initiatives in the context of the EU elections 2024

As a network of universities, the relation between Higher Education and democratic processes is at the centre of our activities, hence the EU elections 2024 present a unique opportunity for us to underscore this vital connection and advocate for its significance. Here’s a glimpse of our initiatives:

  • Placing democracy at the centre of the conversation: on February 2024, on the occasion of the UNICA Days, we facilitated the convergence of diverse voices within the sector – student representatives, ministers, university leaders, representatives from European-wide institutions – to delve into the intersection of Higher Education and democracy. Read the Conference Report;
  • Providing students with a platform: we are conducting the video competition “Vote for Europe”, aimed at all UNICA students to share their views on the elections and what they want for the future of Europe. By sharing their thoughts in 2-minute videos, students can win up to 600€! We’re accepting submissions until the 19th of May. Learn more
  • Amplifying our collective mission: in mid-April, the European Parliament facilitated a visit by a few representatives of UNICA member universities to attend the kick-off event of the European Youth Week 2024 in Brussels. We also had the chance to deliver a short presentation during the session “University engagement for European Elections 2024 and beyond“, led by the European Parliament Youth Outreach Unit. Especially focusing on the student perspective, the session was a reminder of an important message: that both from the network perspective as well as from each individual institution of higher education, our mission is to foster environments that encourage critical thinking, active citizenship, and democratic participation. Learn more about UNICA at the kick-off event at the EYW 2024 and read the LinkedIn article on engaging students in democratic processes.
  • Educating to enhance Education: we’re currently working on the handbook “University Engagement for European Elections 2024 and Beyond“, a tool that will give universities a comprehensive guide to engaging with the European Parliament in education, research, and innovation. It emphasizes universities’ role in fostering critical thinking and democratic participation. By exploring EU competences, policies, funding opportunities, and advocacy strategies, universities can shape EU policies and enhance research frameworks. The handbook equips university leaders with the tools to navigate EU engagement and form partnerships for the benefit of academia and society.

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