WISE project: take these two surveys in favor of student well-being

11 July 2022 | From our Members

WISE project: take these two surveys in favor of student well-being

Well-being has become a major concern in Higher Education and universities have been carrying out projects and activities addressing concerns focusing on the quality of life of their academic communities. You are probably acquaintanced with the MP4s project (UNICA is a partner), which aims to support students to tackle their emotional difficulties through mindfulness and has recently launched a survey targeting students to find out their understanding of SDGs.

Now we introduce you to another project, WISE (Wellbeing Innovation for Students in Europe), in which UNICA member Charles University Prague participates. This project tackles the topic of student well-being and how is it being handled in the scope of HEIs and student organisations. The first output of the project is a series of surveys asking HEIs and student organisations some specific questions regarding the well-being of students and connecting processes.

The project and the surveys

WISE (Well Being Innovation for Student in Europe) is a 3 years project led by 6 European partners regarding the topic of well being of students in European Higher Education. The project consortium is currently launching several surveys to gather data on how universities and student organizations address student well being. They would like to use the results to enrich the expertise about well-being in higher education to produce an European panorama of innovative initiatives in favor of student well-being.

  • Survey for University staff can be found here.
  • Survey for Student organisations can be found here.

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