Survey for MP4s Project – Help us map students challenges, worries and needs

06 July 2022 | From UNICA

Survey for MP4s Project – Help us map students challenges, worries and needs

Erasmus+ project MP4s has launched a survey targeting students to find out their understanding of SDGs, how they feel about the level of achievement of these objectives, and how we could improve our responses to the great challenges we are facing.

The conclusions will help the consortium designing the SIT4PLANET, a generic syllabus that enables university stakeholders to embed mindfulness practices in any course and campus activities.

If you are a student, keep reading to learn more about the survey and support this project by filling it out. If you are not, but you believe your institution should pay more attention to students’ needs and demands, do not hesitate in sharing this survey among students within in your university – you can just copy & paste the text below!

The survey is already available in English, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Turkish and soon in Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian and Polish. If wish to give your contribution to the MP4s Project and to translate this survey within your language, do not hesitate to contact us at:

How are you doing? A simple question that sometimes we forgot to ask. The MP4s consortium’s mission is to reflect on this question and give it the attention it deserves. So, this question is for you, dear students, how are you doing?

Higher Education is committing to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) stated in 2000 and to be achieved in 2030. As we are working on propositions to improve the way higher education communities can contribute to achieve these goals, we would like to collect your perception and feelings on what has been done so far, as well as on your own engagements and contributions to achieve these goals.

Feel free to answer the set of 4 questions – perception of achievement, emotional state towards that result, whether we are heading to the right direction, and your own engagements for 1, 2, 3 or more SDGs, choosing the ones that are the most important for you. It should take less than 5 minutes per SDG, unless you would like to share detail on your engagements.

Your answers are quite valuable to our team and will be part of the basis for the creation of the first Mindfulness Toolbox for Faculties and Students to facilitate the journey towards an engagement rooted in mindfulness and well-being.

Become part of our mission, fill out the survey!

Learn more about the project here:

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