National Technical University of Ukraine joins ENHANCE University Alliance as associate partner

23 March 2022 | European Universities

National Technical University of Ukraine joins ENHANCE University Alliance as associate partner

The UNICA member National Technical University of Ukraine, also known as Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, joined ENHANCE, an European University Alliance that brings together institutions in the area of technology, as an associated partner. With this, UNICA adds a new European University to its list of alliances that include UNICA members, accounting for a total of 39 members participating in 21 European alliances.

Alongside the National Technical University of Ukraine, ENHANCE has also welcomed another Ukrainian university, the Lviv Polytechnic National University. In a statement about the new members, the ENHANCE explains how this action is an expression of the alliance’s commitment towards European values and societal transformation through teaching and research: “It is of great importance to the Alliance to support those European universities whose operations are threatened by war. We want to build a partnership which will build bridges even beyond the current difficult situation and create opportunities in research and teaching in the years to come“.

Increased collaborative efforts will provide students and staff of both universities, the opportunity, to take advantage of mobility opportunities at the seven member universities of ENHANCE. For now, the focus of this collaboration will be on the possibility to let students of both universities benefit from attractive learning offers and to let them participate in our various ENHANCE ecosystems, through both virtual and physical mobility.

The ENHANCE Alliance

The ENHANCE Alliance was founded in 2019, with the aim to develop one joint European campus, free of physical, administrative, or educational barriers, where students, faculty and staff can move freely to experience the European Education Area. The mission of ENHANCE is to drive responsible societal transformation and to promote the development and utilisation of science and technology – for the benefit of society.

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