Report on ESN’s Erasmus Generation Meeting, Seville, 11-14 April 2024

Conclusions from UNICA’s participation in the panel “Be part of the co-creation process of the European University Initiatives”

On April 11th -14th 2024, UNICA attended ESN’s Erasmus Generation Meeting in Seville, the biggest conference where the Erasmus Generation meets to learn and discuss the future of mobility in Europe and beyond.

During the session, UNICA outlined its role as that of a network being an umbrella organisation for Alliances, a role that assists alliances and universities to foster collaboration and networking within higher education. Rather than directly engaging in implementation processes, UNICA aims to address shared challenges like alliance fatigue and amplifying common objectives such as tackling urban challenges across multiple alliances and the network.

This and other conclusions from the session have been compiled in this short report about the event.

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