TalTech Development Conference | 21 January 2021

19 January 2021 | From our Members

TalTech Development Conference | 21 January 2021

Virtual development conference of Tallinn University of Technology

21 January 2021 | 12:30-18:30 (EET)

During the conference, TalTech’s researchers, students, and prominent people in Estonia and the world will envision life 22 years in the future – a time when children born today will complete their first higher education.

The kind of world these young people will live, learn, and work in depends a lot on the choices we make today. What direction is higher education heading in, what is the business environment like, will technologies help people to live a healthier life in the future, which global challenges can we not look past, and what kind of role will universities and a research-based world view play 22 years from now – these are the topics we will take a closer look at.

During the conference, experts will give insights on:

  • Models of the universities of the future
  • The university’s role in companies becoming more high-tech
  • Healthy living – health technologies and food 
  • Climate neutrality and the university’s role in it
  • The role of universities in global challenges

The conference can be watched on TalTech’s websiteFacebook page, and Youtube channel.

Watch now the introducing video for the conference!

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