Prof. Luciano SASO

Prof. Luciano Saso (Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy) coordinated several research projects in the field of pharmacology and has been referee for many national and international funding agencies and international scientific journals in the last 30 years.

Prof. Saso has extensive experience in international relations and has been Deputy Rector at Sapienza University of Rome for 8 years (2014-2022). In the last 25 years, he participated in several projects and has been speaker and chair at many international conferences.

Prof. Saso has been Member of the Steering Committee of UNICA for four years (2011-2015) and  President for eight years (2015-2023) He took over the role of Secretary General of the UNICA Network in June 2023 


Prof. Luciano SASO

Secretary General