UNICA welcomes two new member universities and a new country

07 January 2021 | From UNICA

UNICA welcomes two new member universities and a new country

2021 takes off with two new additions to the network! The University of Sarajevo and the Bucharest University of Economic Studies are now members of UNICA, following their endorsement by the UNICA General Assembly which took place online on November 19, 2020. The network has now 55 member universities from 38 European capital cities, which means the UNICA map also includes a new country: Bosnia and Herzegovina. We welcome both universities and share some facts about them:

University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Number of students (total): Approx. 30.000
  • Number of programmes in English: Approx. 300 subjects are taught in English or other foreign languages
  • Number of faculties and other academic units: 30 organizational units (25 faculties and academies)​, 5 institutes) and 72 sub-organizational units (4​ university centres, 30 faculty institutes, 23​ laboratories and 15 faculty centres);
  • Main fields of studies: Humanities, Medical sciences, Natural, mathematical, and bio-technical sciences, Technical sciences, Arts

As a comprehensive institution, the University of Sarajevo is a sizeable and complex organisation carrying out the mission of addressing modern challenges in the European and global political, economic, social, and cultural context. This mission is carried out through educating enable, creative and internationally competent individuals in all areas of interest for Bosnia and Herzegovina through teaching and research. The University is committed to remaining an autonomous academic community of teachers, researchers, artists, and students incorporated into the international university and academic community and trends.

The University continually invests efforts in strengthening its role as a responsible institution within its social community, and to ensure its role as a recognizable centre for scientific and artistic work, bringing together teams of national and international experts and artists around projects relevant to the domestic, regional, and wider social context and environment.

Visit the website of the University of Sarajevo.

Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Romania)
  • Number of students (total): Over 22000
  • Number of programmes in English: 27 study programmes in foreign languages
  • Number of faculties and other academic units: 13 faculties and 23 Centres of Research
  • Main fields of studies: Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Law, Computer Science

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) was founded in 1913. It was the first economic higher education institution established in Romania and has now become the largest, in both Romania and Southeastern Europe. It is one of the five members of the Universitaria Consortium, the group of elite Romanian universities. ASE is involved in a wide range of national and global research projects and has earned an outstanding reputation for its output and academic programs.

ASE holds top positions in different international university rankings, which confirm its leading role in higher economic and public administration education in Romania and South-Eastern.

The university has increasingly enlarged its scope through different Bachelor Degrees and very attractive Master Degrees.

Visit the website of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies

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