5th Conference of the Rectors of the League of World Universities

 "Revenue Diversification in a World of  Shrinking Government Resources" 
Topics discussed at the panel presentations during the meeting are Corporate Relationships, Personal and Institutional funding, Tuition and Fees, and Continuing Education. Highlight will be the Dedication of the Lillian Vernon Center for Internaitonal Affairs of NYU, which will have a permanent suite of offices available for visiting rectors of the League. 
From UNICA, the president Pierre Ducrey will attend the meeting, as well as representatives of several UNICA member institutions linked to the League, as Amsterdam, Athens, ULB, Eotvos Lorand Budapest, University College Dublin, La Sapienza, Freie Universitat Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, complutense de Madrid, Warsaw, University College London, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. 
It is an event on invitation by NYU so not open to the public. 
More information available on: http://www.nyu.edu/rectors/conferences.html
Thursday, 11 February, 1999 to Saturday, 13 February, 1999
New York University, New York, USA