Coimbra Group-UNICA-EUROPEUM Rectors Conference


The Coimbra Group-UNICA-EUROPEUM Rectors Conference “Legacy of Charles IV, Education and Academic Freedoms, Innovation and Open Society”.took place in the framework of the 700th birthday anniversary celebrations of Charles IV, 13 May 2016.


The Conference, which brought together the Rectors and Presidents of member universities of the 3 networks, explored the legacy of Charles IV, an enlightened monarch who founded Charles University in 1348.


In the Prague Declaration signed on the occasion of the Conference, the leaders of UNICA, Coimbra Group, and EUROPEUM university networks stressed the role of universities as guardians and advocates of universal values, such as tolerance, humanism, and openness. 


Watch the video from the Rectors Conference

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Friday, 13 May, 2016
Host Institution: 
Charles University