Applications are open for the 2023 Erasmus+ European Universities

30 September 2022 | From UNICA - Funding

Applications are open for the 2023 Erasmus+ European Universities

The fourth call for proposals for the Erasmus+ European Universities – one of the flagship programmes of the European Union to build a European Education Area – is now open! With a record total budget of €384 million, the 2023 call brings opportunities for new regions and a strategy to encourage the expansion and competitiveness of the programme beyond the EU funding scheme. Deadline for application is the 31st of January 2023.

The structure of the call offers two possibilities: sustainable funding to intensify deep institutional transnational cooperation between alliances and funding opportunities to set up completely new alliances.

Western Balkans countries as full partners

The Erasmus+ 2023 European Universities call is now open to the participation of higher education institutions from all Western Balkans countries as full partners in the alliances.

Seal of Excellence

A Seal of Excellence will be awarded to proposals which have been assessed and scored as high quality (above 80 points) but that cannot be funded under Erasmus+ due to lack of available budget.  The seal is a quality label that recognises the quality of the concerned proposals and helps them seek alternative funding at national level.

Structure of the call

As last year, the call is structured in two parts:

  • Topic 1: intensification of prior deep institutional transnational cooperation
    This will provide support for already existing deep institutional transnational cooperation alliances including, but not limited to, the European Universities alliances selected under the 2020 Erasmus+ call for proposals. New higher education institutions have the opportunity to join these existing alliances as full partners.
  • Topic 2: development of new deep institutional transnational cooperation
    This call topic will provide support for applicants wishing to establish new deep institutional transnational cooperation in a new ‘European Universities’ alliance.

Looking for help? Reach out to UNICA!

40 out of the 56 UNICA member Universities take part in European Universities alliances, which means that 75 per cent of UNICA’s eligible members participate in the initiative. In other terms, 21 out of the 44 existing alliances have at least one UNICA member University as partner.

We have been supporting and encouraging our members to participate in this process and organising sessions for university leaders and high-level officers to share knowledge and good practices. Check some of our resources to support you:

Partner search
Looking for partners? Discover universities and organisations searching for partners to submit proposals under European Universities next calls.
Contact the UNICA Secretariat at to feature your institution in the Partner Search.

Previous events
In the section of our website dedicated to the European Universities Alliances you will find past events and news related to the initiative.

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