In this section you will find information concerning universities and organisations searching for partners to submit proposals under European Universities next calls.

METU Concept Note for European Universities 2021

Turkish UNICA member, METU, is looking to integrate or form European Universities Alliances. METU is an English medium comprehensive university. Its strenghts include engineering, energy, environment, biodiversity, and marine studies as well as Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) including Ethics, Regional studies, Science and Technology Policy Studies.

METU is committed to further add value to Europe’s excellence and attractiveness and thus considers the European Universities Initiative as a next step forward to increase its contribution to the European Education Area. METU is willing to bridge the gap and advance the Eurasian and Middle Eastern Education Areas to be a competitive player in the field and position itself as a role model to other universities in the region.

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Contact: Prof. Dr. Gaye Teksöz, Advisor to the President responsible for International Cooperation (

ESN local sections willing to be partners of the European Universities alliances

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation representing international students and providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of “Students Helping Students”. ESN has an important role at the local level, supporting international students in their hosting countries, promoting learning mobility experiences among the local communities and fostering internationalisation at home, through a considerable range of activities. The role of students is essential in shaping the future of Higher Education, and the ESN is committed to get involved and contribute in the European universities alliances already ongoing and in the ones that are being created during the second call. 

UNICA member universities which are part of the existing alliances/ submitting proposals in upcoming calls and that are interested in including the ESN local sections as partners can contact Liaisons Officers Adessa Zadia ( and Evgenii Puchkov (

HIVE Alliance (Heightening Identity and Values in Europe) is looking for partners

Coordinated by the University of L’Aquila, the HIVE intends to contribute to outline the future European Education Area. The consortium so far is composed by 3 multidisciplinary research Universities and is looking for two other partners, preferably with a multidisciplinary (STEM and Humanities) competence.

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Università degli Studi di Messina, Italy: Innovative learning
and teaching to enhance European Knowledge Based new European Regions generations

University of Messina, one of the oldest European
universities, is looking for partners to cooperate in a project with the following ideas in mind:
– new joint and diverse programs based on cross-disciplinary/multi-disciplinary and cross-sector approaches;
– virtual student and professor exchange projects;
-the implementation of a European Student Portfolio and Student Card including competences and trans-European degrees with integrated processes;
-innovation labs dealing with inclusive and sustainable instruction and research;
-incorporation of effective cross-cultural communication skills and transculturalism in all areas of the curriculum in theory and practice;
-the formation of effective working relationships between economic and social players with the scope of providing important work experience for students;

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Università del Salento (Italy) for European Universities in Brief:
Local Roots with a Global Mindset

Young and dynamic university, Università del Salento, is eager to become a partner in projects of the European Universities Initiative. Located in the Southeast of Italy, in the centre of the Mediterranean and between two seas, Lecce has been throughout its long history a cross-road of cultures, contacts and trading between the Middle East, the Balkans and Western Europe, as well as a bridge between North Africa and Southern Europe.

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Ankara University, Turkey

One of the oldest, biggest and prestigious Universities in Turkey, Ankara University, is looking to partner with other universities or to create an alliance. The university has rich history of education dating back to mid-1800’s and continues to be one of oldest and eminent universities acting as a leader in the academic arena. Its mission is to guide society in the fields of science and arts through a universal perspective, and to contribute to the production of science, technology with qualified research.

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Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, Italy

Medical University Campus Bio-Medico University is looking is available to partner with other institutions. With the motto “Science committed to human life”, the university provides an integrated environment for teaching, research and health care and promote an interdisciplinary approach to the sciences and research in all fields related to patient care and the environment. The institution believes patients should be cared for according to their material and spiritual needs, in line with a conception of life open to transcendence.

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