18th World Congress on Medical Law in Zagreb, August 8-12, 2010

The University of Zagreb is organizing the 18th World Congress on Medical Law in Zagreb, August 8-12, 2010.


Dear friends, members of the World Association of Medical Law,

It is our honor to invite you to attend 18th World Congress for Medical Law that is taking place in Zagreb, Croatia from 8-12 August, 2010. As you well know, the congress offers an excellent opportunity to discuss new developments in medical law and ethics and to exchange ideas with experts from all around the world.

Emphasis of the 18th World Congress is human rights based approach in health, law and ethics since health law and human rights are an inseparable synergy.  Also, Congress will discuss current issues in medical malpractice, responsibility and insurance, legal and ethical aspects of reproductive technology and genetics, medical research, e-health, legal issues in public health, mental care, nursing practice, alternative and complementary therapies. You can find proposed topics on our web page (www.2010wcml.com).

We invite you, dear friends and members of the WCML, to attend the congress and submit your abstracts or posters.

It is great pleasure to welcome you all to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and to invite you to explore and enjoy our beautiful country, its seacoast, islands, lakes, mountains, cities and small towns. We hope that you will find proposed pre or post Congress tours interesting, or you can choose to explore the country by yourself.

The hole organizing team of the Congress is on your disposal.

We hope that you will enjoy the Congress and stay in Croatia.

Sincerely yours,

The organizing committee,



Josip Kregar

Đula Rušinović Sunara

Ksenija Turković

Sunčana Roksandić Vidlička