Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA)

Baku, Azerbaijan APPLICATION DEADLINE is March 30, 2009 Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA), School of International Affairs, seeks applicants for the Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Affairs (MADIA) Program with strong academic background, professional experience, demonstrated potential for growth and clear commitment to serve in the field of international affairs. English language proficiency is a prerequisite for admission. MADIA is a two-year graduate program that requires full time study in residence. Designed for both Azerbaijani and international students, this program explores political, academic, social and economic issues with strong offerings over several disciplines. The coursework allows students to understand today's pressing international issues with a perspective that values both past and future. All prospective students need to complete online ADA Online Application to be considered for admissions. ADA Online Application accelerates the application process and provides students with the ability to submit most of the required documents online, track their application status, schedule a date for an interview, accept or decline an offer and much more. Read more at