Eighteen UNICA universities among 100 HEIs receiving Erasmus students!

Eighteen UNICA universities were among 100 higher education institutions that received the highest number of Erasmus students in the academic year 2011/2012, according to the report of the European Commission.

Three UNICA universities were classified in the top 10: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (ranked 3rd, with 1,709 incoming students), Charles University (8th, 1,137 students), and Sapienza University (10th, 1,107 incoming students). 

Also eighteen UNICA universities were classified among 100 institutions sending Erasmus students, with four UNICA members placed in the top 10 and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (ranked 2nd, 2,065 students) being preceded only by the University of Granada (2,101 outgoing students). Other top 10 sending universities are the University of Warsaw (7th - 1,349 students), Sapienza University of Rome (8th - 1,213 students), and the University of Ljubljana (10th - 1,188 students).

Full "top 100 HEIs" lists:

Top sending institutions

Top receiving institutions

Recommended reading: 

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