Message on United Nations Academic Impact/One Day On Earth

Dear UNAI Members,

We now have more than 320 institutions from 70 countries affiliated. The most recent countries whose institutions have joined include Botswana, Cuba, Namibia, Norway, Rwanda, South Africa and  Zimbabwe.


While affiliation with UNAI  requires to be completed at the level of the chief executive of the participating institution, we are aware
of the tremendous interest among students in the initiative and realise this can be an energetic source of persuasion to Presidents, Vice-Chancellors and the like to sign on to the Impact. Our social networking sites  ( and would be crucial in this regard, and I  would be grateful for your support to  promote these as well.


In addition, a new global media initiative, titled "One Day On Earth"  has chosen to highlight UNAI and its core principles as one of the areas on which people around the world can film and submit brief film segments. The "one day" refers to October 10, 2010 (10/10/10) on which participants are asked to record such footage. We would be grateful if you could share this opportunity also with individuals and  communities that may be interested in this fun and creative way of expressing both a social message and their support to UNAI and, indeed, the UN itself.  You can access the UNAI page on the "One Day On Earth " website, which itself gives a broader overview of the project and its possibilities, at


Any event targeting academia or university students that you organise would be an excellent opportunity to share the various UNAI activities I mentioned. The attached brochure provides more information as well as examples of activities undertaken by UNAI members.


With thanks, and personal regards,

United Nations Academic Impact.