Sapienza University of Rome commemorates the 13 Erasmus students who died in the bus accident in Spain

On Friday 29 April 2016, Sapienza University of Rome will host “Erasmus Generation – A Value for Europe,” an event dedicated to international mobility, which will open with a commemoration of the 13 Erasmus students who recently passed away in a bus accident in Spain.

The Erasmus project has involved over 3.5 million students since 1987, nurturing students who believe in the power and importance of multicultural interactions and in the creation of a community without borders. These are students who embody the “Erasmus Generation”.  

The event will open with a commemoration of the 13 students who recently passed away in a road accident in Terragona, Spain, while on a study-abroad university experience. 

After an introductory address by Rector of Sapienza University of Rome Prof. Eugenio Gaudio, the family and friends of victims Francesca Bonello, Elisa Valent, Valentina Gallo, Elena Maestrini, Lucrezia Borghi, Serena Saracino e Elisa Scarascia Mugnozza will share some memories. Elisa Scarascia Mugnozza was a Medicine and Surgery student at Sapienza University and was also involved in volunteering work.

During the second part of the event, Silvia Costa, European Parliament Chairperson for Culture and Education, and Giovanni Biondi, President of the National Agency Erasmus+, will provide their thoughts on the first thirty years of the Erasmus Programme. The two sessions will be coordinated by Corrado Zunino (La Repubblica) and Federico Taddia (Radio 24). Prof. Luciano Saso, Vice-Rector for European University Networks and UNICA President, will close the event.