Umetnostna galerija Maribor is LOOKING FOR PARTNERS!

Umetnostna galerija Maribor is inviting you to the joint venture - the realization of the project under a working title: "Special libraries and archives as tools in presenting female artists and migration".

The aim of the project is to promote and connect special libraries and archives on a local and international platform through female artists’ personal histories. The chosen female artists had migration experience in various ways (economical, cultural, political, educational, and professional). Through their life stories one may follow on different levels changing social, cultural, political and economical systems. Focusing on Maribor and its wider area in 20th century, female artists have contributed to this urban space in different ways.

Special libraries and archives in a professional organisation function as a vital support for their stuff, other experts and students in research, information retrieval and building data bases. With their diverse and special collections they are part of the cultural heritage. However their deficit is that they are specialised on one side and often they lack of appropriate infrastructure (reading rooms, lack of human recourses, and access for people with special needs, access to the internet ...) on the other side to reach wider public. We would like to promote special libraries and archives by forming a platform for exchange good practises, ideas and publications between partners from different geographical and cultural backgrounds. Moreover with a partnership and different actions and means we would bring them to broad public. With this kind of activities (within a period of 6 months) we would try to build a bridge between experts and professionals as well as between general public’s in different cultural backgrounds. 

Desired Partners:
Libraries, archives, museums, galleries, universities, schools 

We are applying at ALF grant for the maximum amount.
Estimated costs may include:  travel costs (plane tickets, accommodation and food) for meetings and during setting up an exhibition, workshops in the partner’s country as well as production and transport of the exhibition. Costs also include one person that coordinates and leads the project.

Description of the Project: 

Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia, which used to be one of the industrial centres of former Yugoslavia and before that, one of most important traffic junctions in Austrian empire. In 20th century the city went through various political and economical systems, which have impact on its social and cultural development. The chosen female artists were active in the period before and after the WWII and in the period of transition and the growing globalisation. Their reasons for migrations were very different.

Through the presentation of the existing artworks, publications and archive documentation (data, photo, video…) one can demonstrate and explore their art and life on one hand and the social and cultural life in the area of the certain period.
Role and position of a woman and especially woman artist changed and is still changing. We believe that there are many countries, where stories of female artist are forgotten, not researched or documented. By comparing different materials and personal histories in the project among partners, we want to emphasise the problems of being a female artist in certain time and place and their reasons for migrations, as well as considering their role in the contribution to the urban space in different parts of the Mediterranean.  

Practical activities: 

-    Knowhow: how to deal with library and archive data
-    Workshops on female artists and migration dealing with different material (archive and library data, artefacts, interviews). Through a research, presentation and different didactic methods and tools we intent to integrate all generations; youth, young professionals, families, seniors.
-    Exhibition: rising question of female artist in various time periods and their reasons for migrating or not migrating. Their personal input on cultural diversity and tolerance in urban space

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