UNICA's partnership with Debating Europe

1f7d521f-f5f9-4362-97dc-b2ad56a9cb75_DebatingEuropeLogo_216x216.jpgIn December, UNICA signed an agreement with Debating Europe, an online discussion platform for European affairs. 


Debating Europe is an online platform launched in partnership with Friends of Europe, Europe’s World, the European Parliament, Microsoft and Gallup Institute. The project aims to inspire a genuine conversation between European policy makers and citizens through the encouragement of ideas, and then responses and feedback from experts and decision makers.


Debating Europe offers citizens the opportunity to be in direct contact with European policy makers and convey their ideas, concerns and solutions to the current European challenges. The debates are divided into five channels: Growth, Green, Tech, Global and Future.Debating Europe is free of political or religious inclination with a growing community of users that gained more than 30,000 followers in just one year  
In December, Debating Europe launched Debating Europe Schools, an initiative aimed at giving students the chance to debate with policymakers, engage in discussions with students from other European countries and learn more about the decision-making processes of the European Union institutions.
  To join the debate, turn to www.debatingeurope.eu