TWE+ Project: Innovative methodologies for mobile academics – An international pedagogical “reverse” conference | 3 June 2021

The Teach with Erasmus+ (TWE+) invited education science specialists, higher education mobility experts or those academics wishing to use innovative pedagogical methods during their teaching mobilities to participate in the reverse conference titled:

Innovative methodologies for mobile academics
An international pedagogical reverse conference

on 3rd June 2021

The aim of the online conference was to share the findings of the Teach with Erasmus+ project, engage professionals in workshops and provide a forum to exchange innovative pedagogical practices in higher education.

The event was organized in two main blocks:

  1. Morning sessions: 10.00-12.30 CEST
    – Drivers for innovation, impact on teaching style and mobility perspective
    – Pedagogical innovation and mobility – What’s the point and whose behind?
  2. Afternoon sessions 15.00- 17.30 CEST
    – When learners are in the foreground – impact of student’s mobility
    – Pedagogical Innovation as an International Strategy – Mobile or at home

Format: Each of the four sessions of the event had a so-called: “reverse conference format”, where participants are actively engaged in the so-called preparatory sessions. Results have been drafted and shared with experts at the subsequent Conclusive Session.

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For more information see the programme here.

The main organizer: UniLaSalle Beauvais (France).

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