The UNICA EduLAB meeting 2019 “Bologna in the Digital age” took place in Vienna on 5-6 December 2019 and was kindly hosted by the University of Vienna and the FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences.

The meeting gathered 38 participants from 13 HE institutions. 

The 2019 meeting was also the 20th UNICA EduLAB meeting: the UNICA Bologna Lab is an initiative initiated in 2004 by Prof. Arthur Mettinger (Vice Rector Academic Affairs, FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences), when he was a Vice-Rector at the University of Vienna and the President of UNICA. The Bologna Lab reshaped its activities in 2014 in the light of the changing European Higher Education landscape and continued its activities in the redesigned UNICA EduLAB. We are very grateful to both hosting universities which gave us the opportunity to connect this 20th anniversary to the birth of the initiative.

Pictures can be found in this Flickr album


Session 1 – Part A: Strategic aspects of the digital agenda

  • Flipped Classroom & MOOCs at the University of Vienna: context, results and future perspectives, by Ronald MAIER (Vice-Rector Digitalisation and Knowledge Exchange), Charlotte ZWIAUER (Head of the Center for Teaching and Learning), and Sylvia LINGO (Center for Teaching and Learning)
  • FH Campus Wien on the way to becoming a digitized LLL university, by Arthur METTINGER, Vice-Rector Academic Affairs, FH Campus Wien UAS

Session 1 – Part B: Sharing experiences on digital strategies

Session 2 – Hands-on experiences on digital content

  • The extension curriculum “Understanding and Shaping Digitalisation”, by Fares KAYALI, Professor of Digital Education and Learning at the Centre for Teacher Education, UNIVIE
  • Leveraging Collaborative Mobile Learning for Sustained Software Development Competencies, by Igor MILADINOVIC, Head of Degree programs Computer Science and Digital Communications and Software Design and Engineering, FH Campus Wien UAS & Sigrid SCHEFER-WENZL, Senior researcher and lecturer, FH Campus Wien UAS
  • E-learning reform at TalTech, by Liisi JÄRVE, Head of the Educational Technology Centre, TalTech
  • Video games as driver for innovation: Educating with video games, by Xenia ZEILER, Professor, Department of Cultures, University of Helsinki

Session 3 – Empowering Teaching staff for the digital era

  • How to become a teaching video star – The Making of …, by Lukas SCHNABEL and Kora SCHUSTER, Center for Teaching and Learning, UNIVIE
  • Strategic and operational support measures to manage the shift from teaching to learning in the context of the digitalization of universities, by Christopher HANZL, Head Teaching Support Center, FH Campus Wien UAS
  • Digital Survival Skills  – a Course for TalTech employees, by Kaido KIKKAS, Associate Professor, School of Information Technologies, TalTech 
  • Teaching and Learning at the Digital Area: University Toolkit for Faculty, by Oksana CHERNENKO, Director for Innovations in Education HSE University, National Research University Higher School of Economics Moscow

Session 4 – Digitalization: a driver for internationalisation and innovation?

For more information regarding the EduLAB, please contact the UNICA Secretariat: Laura Brossico – office@unica-network.eu. Dates: Thursday, 5 December, 2019 to Friday, 6 December, 2019


Online Conference


Laura Brossico – office@unica-network.eu.