11th EU Research Liaison Officers meeting


The 11th EU Research Liaison Officers meeting was hosted by the University of Vienna in cooperation with IST Austria, 28-29 November (Monday-Tuesday).


Report by Diana Pustula, Deputy Head of Research Services Office, University of Warsaw, and Chair of the EU Research Liaison Officers Group

On 28-29 November 2016 the EU Research Liaison Officers from all over Europe participated in the 11th meeting organised by the University of Vienna in cooperation with IST Austria. This year, the Group's annual meeting was devoted to four main thematic blocks concerning H2020 financial issues, ethics, research projects' evaluation and the future of the EU Framework Programmes. To this end, the research liaison officers focused on identifying financial issues in H2020 they consider unclear or challenging in the context of periodical reporting, including durable equipment depreciation rates or internal invoicing. The main aim was to share experience and best practices while discussing those issues with peers and to look for common solutions. The participants had an opportunity to learn about ethic issues in the EU research projects in the context of responsible research. To be able to fully benefit from the vivacious discussions, a perspective of the ERCEA ethics experts was added. Additionally, the attendees had a chance to meet face to face with the evaluators of proposals submitted under H2020 who shared details of the evaluation process and gave advice on how to avoid common mistakes while supporting the researchers preparing successful proposals. Last but not least, the research-related priorities of the Slovak presidency and a status report on the FP9 discussions and consultations at the national and EC levels were presented in the final session, "The Future of Horizon2020". 






Additional material

Vidala S., Laureanob R., Trindadebc M. (2015). Assessing the impact of Grant Managers on the success of grant applications. Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education, DOI: 10.1080/13603108.2015.1019948


„Spreading Excellence and Crossing the Innovation Divide" Conference in Brussels on 23.11.2016 (with the participation of Commissioner Carlos Moedas)


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Monday, 28 November, 2016 to Tuesday, 29 November, 2016
Host Institution: 
Universität Wien