2nd joint UNICA-Coimbra Group workshop for doctoral candidates


We have the pleasure to announce that the second UNICA-Coimbra Group joint training workshop on career preparation: Navigate your career! will take place at the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies of the University of Zagreb in Dubrovnik, 15-18 October 2017.



The 3 ½ day programme (start: Sunday, 15 October afternoon; end: Wednesday, 18 October) will include presentations from keynote speakers, training sessions aimed at improving specific competencies, debates and space for self-assessment and reflection. The Centre for Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS) of the University of Zagreb in Dubrovnik will offer a perfect setting for discussion, learning, networking and recreation.



During their PhD journey, doctoral candidates become attuned to facing the unknown. As they move forward with their work, they develop competencies related to solving complex problems, searching and identifying opportunities, and adapting to changing environments. After completing their PhD, they are again confronted with the unknown: their future career in a global job market, which can present a threat and an opportunity. This joint initiative by two networks, both taking an active role in the further development of doctoral education in Europe, intends to bring together doctoral candidates from universities across Europe in a highly international and multicultural setting, which will allow them to meet peers who may have had a very different experience. Far from their daily obligations towards their research, participants will have the opportunity to step back and reflect, in a structured and guided manner, on the broad skills they have gained during their doctoral studies and that are critical in the ever-dynamic global employment market. These skills include building a network of international peers, functioning in international, cross-functional teams and being exposed to acting outside their daily research environment. While their PhD is a tangible proof of the level and depth of their expertise, it is a deeper understanding of these broad skills that will equip them for a wide range of careers.


The aim of this initiative is not to provide job interview training, but rather to create a space for reflection on employability prospects and on the soft, transversal skills needed to respond to a global setting in constant change.



Applications are now closed.


Further information

The UNICA Secretariat (for UNICA member universities: marta.wasowska@unica-network.eu) and the Coimbra Group Office (for Coimbra Group: quici@coimbra-group.eu) are at your disposal for any questions you may have. 


Sunday, 15 October, 2017 to Wednesday, 18 October, 2017
Centre for Advanced Academic Studies University of Zagreb in Dubrovnik
Don Frana Bulica 4, HR-20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia