UNICA Rectors' Seminar: "Quality in Pursuit of Excellence"


UNICA Rectors’ Seminar "Quality in Pursuit of Excellence" 2011 examined the fundamental questions related to quality assurance at universities:How to establish quality systems? Can non-academic quality paradigms relate to the mission and core values at universities? What is the role of university leadership in developing a quality culture?



 List of participants

Social programme


Antony Spanos: Senior Assessor at European Foundation for Quality Management and President of the European Business Ethics Network’s Assessors Committee: " Use of Non Academic Models for Excellence in Academia "

Jacques Lanarès: Vice-Rector of the University of Lausanne, Chair of the Quality Network for Swiss Higher Education institutions: "Quality trends in European HE. The role of Leadership" :slides part 1- slides part 2- slides part 3


Friday, 16 September, 2011
Host Institution: 
University of Zagreb
Dubrovnik, Center for Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS)