Call for papers: ATEE WINTER Conference 2014 - Social Justice and Diversity in Teacher Education (ELTE Budapest, 15-17 April)

The Faculty of Education and Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University Budapest will be hosting the ATEE WINTER Conference 2014: Social Justice and Diversity in Teacher Education, 15-17 April 2014.

The main aim of the conference is to facilitate scientific dialogue around the theme of social justice and diversity in connection to teacher education in a wide sense through questions and answers offered by solid research studies. In order to promote dialogue, discussion and common knowledge construction, the sections of the conference will be organized in accordance with this principle, and the whole conference will be characterized by this atmosphere of sharing.

Other dimensions of dialogue are the connection of research and practice, together with the link between global and local reality. The conference would like to promote these relations as well. The event will be social not only in its topic, but in its organization. This will connect this international and scientific conference with the needs, practice and agency of the local communities. Local NGOs, schools and municipality institutions take part in the organization and programme. In this way, the conference is embedded in the local context, and also would like to contribute to the development of these local communities.


Finally, the conference wants to enhance the links between different areas of Europe and the world, with a special focus on the perspectives of Eastern Europe and other semi-peripheral contexts. In order to facilitate the participation from these regions, cheaper possibilities of participation and accommodation will be offered to researchers with financial difficulties.
Call for abstract proposals Extended deadline: 25th January
The Organisers are accepting abstract proposals until 25 January.
If you would like to participate without presentation, please also register using the online form as soon as possible. 
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