Call for post-doctoral fellowships at Charles University in Prague: apply by 3 September 2014!

The call for Post-Doctoral Fellowships at Charles University in Prague for the year 2015 is now open!

General information about the Post-Doc Researchers at CU 

List of Post-Doctoral Fellowships for the year 2015 

As part of the University’s efforts to develop and strengthen its research base, CU recruits high-quality post-doctoral research fellows from abroad to work at top University or faculty centres and contribute to the University’s strong research profile. The goal of the International Post-Doc Research Fund (launched in 2011) is to attract promising post-docs who will carry out research within a specific field. Selection is carried out by the relevant research centre or department of the faculty (or other unit of the University) responsible for the research. The Charles University Research Board assists in the management of the process. 

The deadline for submitting the applications to the Rectorate of Charles University is 3 September 2014.
The candidates must respect the deadlines given in the propositions of the research centre/institute.

For more information please contact:

Ivana Halaskova
International Relations Office
Charles University in Prague
Ovocny trh 3/5
116 36 Prague 1
Phone: (00420) 224 491 301
Fax: (00420) 224 229 487