EGRACONS nominated for the EAIE Bo Gregersen Award for Best Practice in Internationalisation

The consortium of the EGRACONS project has been nominated for the EAIE Bo Gregersen Award for Best Practice in the Internationalisation of European higher education. The award acknowledges individuals or groups of individuals who have made an innovative contribution to the field of international higher education that has served as a best practice to others. The nomination was made by the University of Malta. We warmly invite representatives of all UNICA member universities who are EAIE members to support the nomination of the EGRACONS team!


The EGRACONS partnership was set up informally in 2010 as a bottom-up initiative of universities to address the existing difficulties and ambiguity in the grade conversion that they observed while co-ordinating the Erasmus Programme exchanges. In 2011, SGroup and UNICA Networks presented a position statement on the issue of the grade conversion to the European Commission, which was received with interest. Consequently, the EGACONS partnership set in motion a pilot project to investigate national and institutional procedures of the grade transcript in more detail and to translate them into a common methodology that can be applied as a uniform approach in Europe and even beyond.


The EGRACONS consortium strongly believes that the EGRACONS tool developed as part of the project can become a powerful tool for harmonisation of grades within Europe and will ultimately lead to a more transparent grading culture. As a consequence, it can contribute to fair and objective interpretation of student accomplishments, determine their choices of host institutions, build trust and understanding among HEIs adapting the recommended ECTS, and facilitate the daily work of Erasmus Co-ordinators in the grade conversion.


The Members of the EGRACONS Consortium are representatives from the renowned HEIs with decades of experience in academic mobility: Ghent University (Cooordinator), Sapienza University of Rome, Vilnius University, University of Warsaw, University of Lausanne (all four are UNICA member universities), University of Leon, University of Essex, Justus Liebig University of Giessen, University of Liege,  Inholland University of Applied Sciences, University of Gothenburg, University of Rouen, and the European Universities’ Network Santander Group and UNICA Network.


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