EM-ACE User Guide and Marketing Strategy now available online!

The User Guide and Marketing Strategy of the EM-ACE project: Promoting Erasmus Mundus Towards European Students: Activate, Communicate, Engage is now available online under the following link:

The EM-ACE toolkit has been created to support higher education institutions in attracting more high quality students to joint programmes, particularly European students.

How can the EM-ACE toolkit support your marketing efforts?

The toolkit provides:

  • practical advice on how to design an Erasmus Mundus Marketing Strategy;
  • clear steps to assess and improve current marketing of joint degrees;
  • an opportunity to compare your efforts anonymously with other universities and consortia delivering joint programmes;
  • a tool fcompare staff, student and alumni perceptions of EM marketing, reputation and branding.

For more information please contact the EM-ACE project coordinator Ms Alessandra Gallerano:

Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza Università di Roma

CU007 – Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Roma
T (+39) 06 4991 0206 F (+39) 06 4991.0089
e-mail: alessandra.gallerano@uniroma1.it
skype: a.gallerano