European Innovation Academy WINTER Edition! (21.01-27.01.2013)


Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook were founded by college students. Could you be building the next star technology start-up?

Having an excellent experience with European Innovation Academy 2012 Tallinn University of Technology invites you to take part in their intensive winter program. European Innovation Academy is offering you most stimulating academic environment, a vibrant community of motivated students and distinguished professors in Winter Innovation Academy 21.01-27.01.2013!
1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2 days)
2. Business Model Innovation (2 days)
3. Designing Social Applications as Software-Intensive Products (1 day)

The main sessions of European Innovation Academy:
• Innovators’ Speed Date & Team Marriage
• Entrepreneurs’ Failure Pitching
• James Bond Innovation Challenge
• Star Trek Technology Lab
• Pitching for Venture Capitalists
• Hands on Innovation Lab
• Lego Lab Prototyping
• Entrepreneurship Cooking Live

Register as soon as possible! There are discounts and scholarships available for students from partner universities!
Do not miss your chance to spend the most incredible winter time in Tallinn!
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