European Women Rectors Association calls for action on gender equality

The European Women Rectors Association (EWORA) shared their concerns on gender equality last week at the 6th Women Rectors Conference at Malmö University, Sweden. Their concerns resulted in a declaration for the political consensus about gender equality as a priority under threat.

In the declaration, the group urges "member states and the EC to reinforce actions for gender equality, which go beyond ‘equality of opportunity’. Gender equality is a comprehensive issue that must continue to be tackled at a structural level by research funding and performing organizations”.

The declaration was prepared during the annual Women Rectors Conference, which focused on “Responding to Evolving Challenges: Best Practices for Women Leadership in Academia”.

Download the declaration below for the full statement of EWORA.


About the European Women Rectors Association

EWORA is a non-profit association under Belgian law with 90 individual (rectors/vice-rectors) and institutional members (universities). Know all about their activities at EWORA’s official website.

ewora_declaration_on_gender_equality_may_2019.pdf (224.25 KB)Download