International Seminar "Cinéma, imaginaire, culturel et construction d’une identité européenne"

The International Seminar "Cinéma, imaginaire, culturel et construction d’une identité européenne" is organised by Universidad Complutense de Madrid in its seat at the Collège des Hautes Études Miguel Servet  in Paris.

The Seminar will take place from 11 to 15 Juin 2018 and will provide the participants with high-level intensive and multidisciplinary training for perspective experts in European issues. 

The Seminar will focus on the role that cinema and audiovisuals played (and will be able to play in the future) in the construction of a European imagination.

  • Programme intensif de 30 heures (3 ECTS)
  • Language of the Seminar: French
  • Limited number of places available
  • Participation fee: EUR 350,00
  • 2 scholarships available


Registration deadline is 30th April 2018. 


For more information: 

Download the programme of the Seminar 

Download the poster