JOI.CON Joint Programme Management Conference, Leipzig, 18 January 2012

1st JOI.CON Conference will take place on 18 January, 2012, at the University of Leipzig, Germany.


About JOI.CON project
The project "Joint Programme Management - Conferences and Training" is an offspring of the JOIMAN project. The project milestones are two international conferences and an embedded training, more specifically a Joint Programme simulation.aims to train future co-ordinators of Joint Programmes in administrative processes during the establishment phase of such programmes. It was selected by the European Commission as an ERASMUS Accompanying Measure in 2011. The 1-year project is coordinated by the University of Leipzig, Germany, and supported by 5 European universities and 2 networks.


The Conference will give a detailed overview on the JOIMAN findings and the processes involved in establishing a Joint Programme. It will also mark the beginning of the training phase. Participants of a JP simulation will actively work on setting up a fictive Joint Programme in the period from January 19th until June 2012. The results will be presented during the second JOI.CON conference at the University of Bologna, Italy in June 2012.

More information about the event, the Programme and the registration form are available at:

Registration deadline: Thursday, December 1, 2011



Your potential role in JOI.CON
We extend the invitation to the conferences and encourage you to benefit from the training offer. By applying for the Joint Programme simulation you receive the unique opportunity to experience what Setting-Up-A-Joint-Programme involves administrative wise in a safe laboratory situation. Experienced team leaders will guide you through the process while e-communication enables you to participate in the simulation without investing further costs for travelling. The option to recognise your participation as ERASMUS Staff Training (STT) with the University of Leipzig/University of Bologna is still under negotiation.


Please note that institutional and national rules regarding STT vary and JOI.CON cannot guarantee recognition.

For any specific information on the event, please refer to the JOI.CON secretariat at the following address: